Behind The Scenes With Chantalle Todd / RPR Studios

Behind The Scenes With Chantalle Todd / RPR Studios

By In Behind the Scenes On October 13, 2015

By Otabius Williams / Big Apple Studios

Hi, I’m Chantalle Todd. I’m with RPR Studios, we’re based in Clifton Park, NY and today we’re down here at Big Apple Studios, New York City shooting a promo video for a client.

How did your company get started?

RPR Studios started in 2012. It started with film production actually, just outside of Clifton Park. And we’ve since branched into local and commercial video projects in between the film projects. And it’s slowly been growing and we’ve had a lot more clients and it’s been great fun.

How long have you been with RPR Studios?
I’ve been with RPR Studios since July 2013. I started out as an assistant to a creative director and then I got promoted to Vice President & Senior Producer of the company.

Are your green screen productions usually shot in studios?

We haven’t done a lot of green screen stuff before. It’s usually right out documenting everything going on. This is the first studio we’ve really gone to. We’ve got some of our own equipment and our own facility but this is like first legit studio that we’ve actually been in. So it’s been an adventure. It’s been nice.

What was your goal with this lighting set up?

With all the lights today we needed to create a very soft look. We really needed to light up the screen, to light up our actor because we’re shooting the actor walking and we were going to have a background keyed in; long tracking shots. We had to make sure all the lighting was even. So this facility was definitely very-very useful. And again we had one of their lighting technician came in and set everything up for us, it was very helpful.

What lens did you choose for this shoot?

For the purpose of the shoot and because of transportation we just kept it to one lens. It’s not a prime lens, it’s a zoom lens. So we can go between, I think, 50 mm and 85 mm for the shoot purposes: Close ups, medium shots, and long shots.

How did you like Big Apple Studios?

I thought it was very accommodating. It was cool when we walked in and they had sign for us, RPR Studio, your shoot is up here. So it was easy to find, nice green room, there is a place for a kitchen, there is a place for hair and makeup. It’s really nice and everybody has been very-very helpful. So, thank you guys!

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