Virtual Set Facility Overview

Big Apple Studios’ virtual set facility includes:

  • Green Screen Studio. The studio’s hard cyclorama painted Rosco Chroma Green is ideal for half as well as full body shoots of one or multiple on-camera talent.
  • Virtual Set Technology. Our TriCaster 8000, Advanced Edition, delivers template-based graphics with real-time feeds from internal or external sources thus freeing you from the time and human resources needed for manually inputting on-screen graphics. Furthermore in addition to switching cameras you can make your live or live-to-tape show more dynamic with real-time elements while reducing your post-production time. Big Apple Studios virtual set facility offers pre-produced packages, ISO-recorded clips, active recordings that can all be mixed and edited during the program. TriCaster Advanced Edition offers new playlist effects and transitions between prerecorded media and live cameras to create engaging content.
  • Make-up room and green room

The facility is ready to go for your shoot with the following preset technology:

  • Sony FS7s with Cannon Lenses and Tripods
  • Intercom
  • Camera Tally Lights
  • Set prelit with Kino Flos  4Banks and Kino Flor Barfly 450s, Daylight Balanced Bulbs
  • Pre-patched Midas M32 Sound Console, with Wireless Lav Mics
  • In-ear Talent Monitoring


Studio 6A floor plan


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Custome Made Virtual Set - Wide shot Bright set 2- Big Apple Studios Virtual Set - Close up right - Big Apple Studios Custome Made Virtual Set - Close left Bright Set- Big Apple Studios