Studio Chairs, Stools and Tables

The following stools, chairs, and tables are available free of charge upon request for your next green screen, white cyc or draped soundstage shoot at Big Apple Studios. The furniture is available on first come first serve basis.

1. Red Studio Chair. Four available.

Studio Red Chair - Big Apple Studios - S Red Studio Chair - Virtual Set - Big Apple Studios - S


2. Black Stool. Four available.

Black Stage Stool - Big Apple Studios - S BAS-studio 5G_interviews_small


3. Black Studio Chair. Four available.

Black-Studio-Chair-Big-Apple-Studios - SVirtual Set - Close up right - Big Apple Studios


4. Wooden Studio Chair. One available.

Wooden Studios Chair on White Cyc - Big Apple Studios - S


5. Black Foldable Chair. Fifteen available.

Folding black chair - Big Apple Studios

5. Black Studio Sofa and Loveseat. One of each available.

Black Stage Sofa and Loveseat - S


6. Studio News and Interview Table. One available.

Studio News Table - Big Apple Studios - S Studio News Table - Big Apple Studios - 2 - S


7. White Studio Stool. Six available.

White StudioChair - Big Apple Studios - S Custome Made Virtual Set - Wide shot 2- Big Apple Studios


8. White Soft Stage Stool. Three available.

White Soft Studio Chair - Big Apple Studios - S OTGW-WHITE BG


9. Studio Wooden Coffee Table and Interviews Grey Armchair. Three available.

Studio Wooden Coffee Table - Big Apple Studios Sound Stage New York - Big Apple Studios - small