Big Apple Studios has the dedicated bandwidth, technology, staff, and experience to ensure your webcast is broadcast flawlessly.

For bandwidth, we rely on our 1 Gigabit fiber connection to the largest data hub in Manhattan, located at 111 8th Avenue (“the Google building”). This provides us extremely high bandwidth with low latency.

For web casting technology, we rely upon our Tricaster 8000 broadcast system. We currently broadcast an hourly news webcast out of our studios, along with five weekly talk shows.

Benefits of webcasting.

  • Timeliness. Instantly communicate the same message to vast audiences – in a timely manner.
  • Reach & engage larger audience. Big Apple Studios technology ensures your webcast works across different devices and online distribution networks.
  • Cost-effective. Your video is cut and broadcast in real time and there is no post-production needed to distribute the video online after the webcast. No maintenance needed either.

Why Big Apple Studios?

Our homegrown webcasting solution allows content producers to live webcast their content to multiple Facebook feeds simultaneously. Right now Facebook is prioritizing live video over all other content posts. Big Apple Studios has partnered with multiple Facebook properties leveraging their 1MM+ followers to allow your next webcast reach and engage a larger audience.

Webcasting Package Deal.

4 webcasts / year for only $18,175 ( $21,800 value)

Buy as you go for $5,125 / webcast

This package includes all the equipment and crew needed to execute your next webcast;

  1. White cyc or green screen studio / virtual set facility — depending what background you’d like for your webcast, $1,800
  2. Lighting and grip equipment, $150
  3. Sound capture package, $150
  4. Three Sony FS7 4K cameras W / Canon lenses, $1,050
  5. Live keying, $500
  6. Color Correction Solution, $200
  7. High Speed Data Connection to a Google Building, $100
  8. Director of Photography / Technical Director, $800
  9. Gaffer / Grip, $300
  10. Sound engineer, $300
  11. Makeup artist, $250

Call (929) 242-9445 or email [email protected]  to discuss how we can help you with your project.