Studio 5G – Green Screen Studio New York

Studio 5G provides one of the longest green screen shots available in a Manhattan stage:



Address: 229 W 28th Street, 5th Floor (between 7th and 8th Avenues)

$1,800 / day (10 hours)
  • Prelit with Kino Flo lighting
  • 42’ long, 20′ x 20′ green screen cyc
  • 12′ to ceiling, 11′ to grid
  • Green screen studio, hard cyc, Rosco Chroma Green
  • Separate make-up room
  • Green room for talent and guests
  • Support facilities for all stages of production
  • 24/7 freight elevator access, with loading dock
  • WiFi
  • Stage manager


Production Add-Ons:


        Call (929) 242-9445 or email [email protected] for availability and bookings.

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Big Apple Studios - Studio 5G -2-small  Green Screen Studio 5G - Green Room at Big Apple Studios

Green Screen Studio 5G - Green Room - Big Apple Studios Makeup room - Studio 5 - Big Apple Studios - S