Interview with Dennis O’Clair / Media276

Interview with Dennis O’Clair / Media276

By In Behind the Scenes On October 1, 2015

Interview with Dennis O’Clair / Media276

By Otabius Williams / Big Apple Studios

Dennis O’Clair is a creative director and CEO of Media 276 New York City, Hudson Valley video production company. Today he’s at Big Apple Studios doing a commercial shoot for New York City corporation.

How long have you been in the industry?

If I tell you I’ll give away my age. So I like to tell people that I was a photographer for 25+ years and then I transitioned into film and video production.

What is your production background?

I was a director of photography on a film called To Be Forever Wild. It’s a documentary about Catskills, it was in Woodstock Film Festival about two years ago. I love actually cinematography, so my passion is actually being behind the camera and taking the pictures. I don’t do it as much now; I’m more of executive producer, creative director, running my production company.

What type of productions are you usually doing?

At our company we do corporate video production. A lot of it is interview plus b-roll, we do recruitment videos… This was a spokesperson for a company; they produce software solutions for big facilities like Yankee Stadium, the Barclays Center. Their software helps them maintain a facility so we did a few software tutorial videos today.

How was the studio’s white cyc?

The white cyc was pre-lit so that really cut down the amount of work that we had to do. It was nice and clean, evenly lit. Well done.

What kind of look did this set up produce?

We were going for very clean. So the background was just pretty much pure white, maybe it fell off a little on the corners. The spokesperson was also pretty well lit. It kind of goes with the branding of their website, it’s the same look that their website had—it’s clean and bright. So this was the look we were going for.

What advice would you give to aspiring filmmakers?

Go out and if you want to be a filmmaker, make film. I think you need to know your craft, the technical part, like being able to take pictures and stuff first, if that’s where you’re starting. So just go out and shoot a lot, then you kind of learn about light and composition. There are a lot of other elements–storytelling, and casting, and writing also but I think it’s a good idea to just sort of know the basics of filmmaking, the technical part, to be able to just take a nice picture, understand the back lighting, the soft lighting, hard lighting, soft lighting. And it’s the most fun part, you know, taking pictures. So just go out and shoot and learn how to use a camera. I mean we used DSLRs for years and got great image quality. We’ve advanced now to bigger and better cameras, but you can get fabulous image quality with a $500 Canon 60D.

How was your experience at Big Apple Studios?

Our company is up in the Kingston area, about 90 miles north of Manhattan. We come to the city a lot for different production jobs. We often rent studios. This is my first time at Big Apple Studios and I’m very happy with the quality of the studio here. It was quiet, well lit background, good facilities, people are really helpful. They sent us an audio guy from upstairs in the TV production department and top notch gear. He did a really great job, saved us a lot of time—and money. It’s a great experience working here.

Is there anything else you want to say?

It was kind of fun coming here, because it’s on 28th Str. And some 30+ years ago I graduated from FIT, right next door, so it’s kind of fun, you know… It’s like, who knew? I went to FIT for photography so it’s fun to be back in my old neighborhood.

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  • Dennis O'Clair 5 YEARS AGO

    Great job Guys! Thanks again!

    • Lisandra 5 YEARS AGO

      Robert handled hilsemf so well. He seems so much more confident and yet maintains a bit of that adorkableness we have come to love. Bravo to George for being intelligent and knowing how to approach the elephant in the room. Last but certainly not least, Rob you are rocking it, I believe this has to be one of the best if not the best you looked on a talk show not including his recent visit to the Daily Show, which he was Cosmopolis Premiere ready wearing his Gucci suit.

  • Lea Cullen Boyer 5 YEARS AGO

    Beautiful! Brilliant! Dennis built a wonderful video for our business Jeff Boyer Production. He crafted a message that really works for our target market. We get calls from performing arts centers who are one call away from conversion. (Used to take us 3 or 4 calls to close before his video.)


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